CPD for Swimming Pool Safety Inspectors

The Legislation supporting Pool Safety Inspectors requires that they undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD) on an annual basis.

Pool safety inspectors seeking to renew or restore their licence must provide evidence that they have undertaken the required continuing professional development in the previous 12-month period.

Points needed:

Pool safety inspectors (excluding licensed building certifiers)

From 1 February 2013 - 6 points required

Building certifiers

From 1 January 2013 - 4 points required

AssentTECS has been approved by the PSC to deliver this training.  Through our ongoing consultation with the Department we have confirmed the skills and knowledge requirements that are proving to be most challenging for both Inspectors and the PSC.

Inspectors should note that ALL AssentTECS trainers are licensed, practising Pool Inspectors.

In response to the identified needs AssentTECS has prepared 3 different CPD sessions so that Inspectors can choose topics to meet their personal training requirements. The topics are:

Topic 1: Strength and Rigidity Testing - 4hr session
In keeping with Departmental and Pool Safety Council requirements, the key outcome is to provide a professional learning and ongoing development opportunity to ensure pool safety inspectors continue to understand and apply the legislation applicable to pool safety in Queensland, including:

  • The Building Act 1975
  • Building Regulation 2006
  • Queensland Development Code Mandatory Part 3.4
  • AS 1926 P1 & P2

Topic 2: Managing your Record Keeping - 2hr session
This session includes:

  • Why do we keep records – PSI obligations
  • What records do you need to keep
  • What a report on a pool should contain – for ALL stakeholders
  •  How your records allow the audit team to review your work and understand your decisions.

Topic 3: Inspecting Pool Barrier Components - 2hr session
This session includes a comprehensive look at swimming pool barriers including a review of:

  • Barriers 1200mm in height
  • The NCZ 
  • Difference in requirement for barriers less than 1800mm in height and those that are greater than 1800mm in height
  • Acceptable solution provided in the QDC MP3.4
  • Unacceptable solutions
  • Clarification on the additional clear area and management of this part of the pool barrier

AssentTECS will be providing CPD training opportunities around the state. You can choose to complete 2hrs, 4hrs or 6hrs of CPD.

Training Costs via Skype

  • 2 hour CPD Training (2 points) - $150.00 (GST Inc.) 
  • 4 hour CPD Training (4 points) - $220.00 (GST Inc.) 
  • 6 hour CPD Training (6 points) - $319.00 (GST Inc.) 


AssentTECS can provide training to meet individual needs and geographic location.  Please contact the office by emailing opd@assenttecs.com.au  to discuss your options.