Marriage Celebrant Training - OPD


Farewell from AssentTECS


Dear Celebrant


For the past 15 years AssentTECS has offered Ongoing Professional Development (OPD) to marriage celebrants; the last eight years, as one of the MLCS approved OPD providers.  The team has strived always, to provide you with the best OPD possible.  AssentTECS trainers have been carefully selected to ensure that they are both experienced and knowledgeable as well as great trainers.  We've always provided you with professionally designed and published OPD textbooks.  Books that many have stated make a great reference, and everyone completing OPD with AssentTECS has received a certificate of attendance.  I know our colour certificates grace the walls of many celebrant offices.


Now, after 15 years, it's time to let someone else share the joy of delivering OPD.  We (AssentTECS) did not apply for a contract to deliver OPD beyond this year.  However, to ensure that the quality of OPD that you've grown accustomed to is still available, AssentTECS trainers including Karen Faa, Cheryl Landsberry, Melissa Halliday, Toni Richards, Susan Winters and Karen Steele will be working for QualTrain Australia Pty Ltd.


We've been working with Carol Astbury and her team at QualTrain to make sure the transition for you is as seamless as possible.  You'll still be able to access your favourite trainer at your regular'll just be enrolling with a different OPD provider.  I strongly urge you to take up the opportunity to support Carol Astbury. It is after all, lovely to have a new provider in the marketplace. While course information is yet to be published, you can access the QualTrain OPD page at


Finally, I'd like to say a huge thank you to every celebrant and celebrant association that has supported AssentTECS for the past 15 years.  We've thoroughly enjoyed our time with you.  Karen and I wish you every success in your celebrancy work.  Of course, you'll still be able to call and email us if you have any questions regrding your 2017 OPD.

Again, thank you for your support.  



Leslie Mackee                                                                    Karen Malowiecki

Principal Consultant                                                           OPD Manager